AI-powered visual intelligence platform for Malls and Shopping Centers

By leveraging powerful and proprietary AI algorithms, RealValue generates transformational insights that can enable you to build valuable relationships with visitors and tenants. Measure accurate footfall and walk-bys to each retail unit and update your retailer mix accordingly.

That’s over a billion data points waiting to be harnessed.

Winning malls are using this gold mine to provide

memorable customer experiences, optimize their operations, and

stay competitive for the future.


Are you future-ready?

Globally, malls get over a billion visitors per month

What is there to know about this crowd?

Transformation of Malls and Shopping Centers

Watch a video interview with Ronny Max,

Founder of Behavior Analytics Academy, on the future of malls. 

 Shopping malls around the world are more than just retail centers - they are important social environments for entertainment, multiple activities, and culture bringing billions of people together every year. This creates a unique opportunity to use AI-enabled solutions to improve operations, scale marketing, and increase conversions and deliver a memorable customer experience.  


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Generate Revenue

Understand the attention span of your visitors and provide dynamic - interactive advertising for engagement and conversion.


Optimize Ops

Plan better by understanding not just footfalls but actual demographics, moods, and journey maps. 

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Safety Insights

Gain insights into crowd behavior, traffic trends, demographics, and more using simple-to-understand metrics

Opportunity Areas

Know every visitor, repeat and unique, and their interactions from entry to exit while staying GDPR compliant to ensure the utmost privacy. 


GDPR Compliant

All human data is processed anonymously on local, in-store servers.

No images, videos, or other visual information about visitors is stored (with consent where applicable). Plus all the data is kept safe and secure through military-grade encryption.

Essential Reads 

Today, asset management and operational leaders of most large global mall operators are forced to rethink technology investments that support business strategies to survive and thrive in this new world order. 

Reinventing malls for the AI age

Winning brands and retailers are actively building upon their performance marketing heritage, investing strongly in real estate and technology to deliver a seamless, integrated customer experience. Blending the digital with the physical to get the results that matter.

Reinventing the Physical Space

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